Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DSC_3129 - The Clarity of ShingleI try to avoid posting evidence of most of the stuff I'm really bad at. Don't you?

Ouch. By which I mean no. Possibly because I tend to think I'm really bad at everything, so editing to my standards would leave nothing (which is not acceptable either). I don't think he was intending it to be cruel (going by his blog, which admittedly is a tad self-selected, he does scathing frequently but very rarely cruelty), but that's simply how I initially interpreted it. And all because I wanted to play snap with some graffiti.

I'm not sure how one goes about presenting the best possible image. Or rather I think I know, but rarely follow my own guidelines, thereby allowing others to latch onto the bits that wouldn't have made it through the filter and proclaim them good, thus confusing me greatly. The popular stuff is not what I would choose. Which either means I'm an idiot or everyone else is, neither conclusion being one I want to believe in.

So while I'm pondering that I'd better stop as I have little else to tell (read: an awful lot, just much of it benthic to the high tide mark of these new-found standards) except that I'm trying to work out if I've just been ceded veto rights on who gets to be an usher (not that I known what they do, other than be told that it should be perfectly obvious the questioned is neither, although I've no idea what I'm meant to be doing either). I'm off to find a ping-pong ball and a vat of Indian ink.

La vie est bewildering.


Apologies for being a little late to this*, but:

In the first place, no, it was not intended cruelly, quite the contrary. My own impression is that you select pretty well; or at least, don't generally make a fool of yourself here. And I was honoured to be party to your game of snap.

In the second, kudos on your "benthic" metaphor. Deep :)

And yes, la vie est ça.

* If only you'd enable your RSS feed I'd be better equipped to keep up.
Well, I appear to be a bit late to it, if not the whole blog, too so I don't think it matters.

And the RSS is enabled (apparently), just not obvious. Link added at the top of the sidebar - let me know which works best, because one's the official slightly odd Blogger solution and the other makes more sense.

Spot who doesn't use RSS because then you miss all the comments (ok, so the alternative isn't much better, but at least you remember you might be missing things).

And I think I really ought to remember to post things again or at least finish off the scattered drafts.
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