Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In the argot of the internauts, can I has...?

For more details see the linked Flickr page.

In other news, hopefully unrelated unless I find myself really desperate and with a contract for a house in some Bloomsbury Square before me (Kensington is too far out of the way for me), extrapolating a life from a printout of someone's bank account found in the gutter outside turns out to be quite fun. So far we've figured out that they work for Sainsbury's, bank with Barclays, shop in Sainsbury's, transfer money between their personal and joint Barclays accounts but discover they've moved it the wrong way so send double the amount back and otherwise have a very dull life. We can't work out why they get paid interest in dollars though, when all other numbers are in GBP.

Oh and if any wants a spare sort code, perhaps with an account number attached, along with the name of the account holder then just email.

Back to the other thing, if you know of somewhere or anyone or whatever then email.


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