Sunday, July 13, 2008

IMG_0760What is the etiquette concerning the repeated bumping into of somebody who is not your flatmate only because they applied an equal opportunities policy, but who you only know through house-hunting? Especially when they mention that their really great home turns out to have an oven that is so keen not waste energy that it uses none, that the drains don't and that they've found more than their first cockroach. It's quite hard not to smile while thinking that getting bumped so that the oft bumped-into could have her menstrual cycle fall in with someone else's perhaps wasn't so terribly bad. In the end I went with "But other than that?"

I'm not sure if I got away with it.

And in other news I really must stop wandering into the only Fopp in the city (I know it's an HMV in indy clothing, but it's still cheaper than HMV [except for The Devil Wears Prada, which is £4 in Fopp, £3 in HMV, and don't ask me why I noticed] and sells books). I'd previously missed Penguin reinventing their wheel (possibly because I don't do RRP), so have come away with a purple, a pink and a blue, but only because I'd read all the oranges I'd heard of*, all for £3 each, which is what charity shops seem to think they ought to charge for any old book these days, and not all that much more than a Ladybird book (universal inflationary indicator in pocket money calculations).

* Largely because my brother has non-unified copies of them, as he does of the purple as I've just discovered. Blast. But then I was carrying at the time a copy of Freakonomics and realised the classic edition won't let me cause consternation on the Tube by accidentally covering the next-line-down "onomics" bit, thereby letting all those to my left read the "freak" and strain to find out what the rest is (yes, madam, it is noticeable, and you could just ask, but then I didn't ask when I saw someone reading a Cryllic book with a title something like "Coda Da Vinci", which is quite hard to read upside-down in strange characters, and also rather disappointing when one eventually cracks the code).

Anyway, back to phoning completely random people with the faint hope that at least one might prove sane (i.e. I've forgotten all the other stuff that might have gone in).


Please tell me you're not living back in the place pictured? :)

Where did you end up?
It's currently under wraps (pics to... er, appear whenever I get a chance to do anything with Flickr) as I think it's being refurbed.

And I ended up, for the time being, jack-knifed on a 5-foot sofa. Hence being up to gather phone numbers to drain my prepay with throughout the day.
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