Saturday, October 04, 2008


Testy - I'm out of Latin tenses.

Hmm, seems that sending HTML adds some divider that messes up the
sidebar/main body divider. But editing that out in the post wipes out
the post headline/email subject and negates the whole logging into
Blogger at work thing which is why I'm playing round with remote

Anyway, as <a href="">this</a>
won't work (I think) try reading until I get
this sorted.

Oh hell, I just Googled the above term. I've never before thought
something could bring new /de/meaning to something else. Er, yeah, not
being able to add formatting is going to be odd.

Although now I at least know what SJP in Compliance likes.

Fraggles apparently.

Whatever became of Christina 'Aggleinlira?

But as I've wandered off into the realm of those rock Christmas lights
things that presumably have to be booked ahead with the local Dinorwig
I'd better stop Youtubing before I find myself wanting to fast forward
a couple of months. Unless I can cure it by watching the Russian ice
tunnel thing. Or by realising that in terms of wearable shoes I'm down
to Converse or proper shoes neither of which are snow slush friendly.

Oh, I've just twigged where the riff in Abd al Malik's Gibraltar comes
from. I tried to use that as the ringtone on my phone but for some
reason it's far quieter than the standards so I don't hear it. That
and I only tend to run to the bus most of time.


PS. The image is just to see what Blogger does with it.

PPS. The title only makes sense if I haven't wiped the title from the
previous one, which I have, because this blog has no titles, except if
email forces Blogger to add one, which is then overwritten if any
edits are made, like that to dedivide the template mangling post.

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