Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DSC_1978 - The Bangle (32/366)Yet another appeal for help.

I need to pick a watch.

I was supposed to get one for my brother's wedding but that didn't quite happen (apparently my Velcro-strapped digital thing which gains time wouldn't have gone with the flowers).

Then I got told that apparently it's going to be a present for being best man (I like this idea. Not great if one thinks about the stress-payback ratio, but still I think I may need to encourage my brother to marry more often).

And then I got an email from the place we nearly bought a watch from with a code for 10% off for the next week: use "Dad10" during when paying at Christopher Ward. Valid until 17th inst.

Except, you know that whole decision thing? Um yeah.

Last time I got as far as steel bracelet, dark face, chronograph. But I have really skinny wrists which makes me wary of anything that will make me walk with a list. And I do mean skinny; I can make the distal phalanx of my thumb completely cover that of my middle finger with my wrist in the hole. Hence sticking to the smaller end of the range (and the first person to suggest a ladies watch will get glared at. Anyway, they're all pink and diamonds).

Which I think leaves me with round or square.

Square is a bit Mac and a bit my-father-ish. Round is a bit fifties aircraft factory.

So which would you suggest? Or do you think I should consider something else? Answers not on a postcard please.


As someone with small wrists himself, the metal strap ones all look very chunky. The leather strap ones look rather more slim-line. Why not really flummox them with: I like this one, bit can you do it with a metal strap, please?
Which do you mean? I think they're the same watches but just with different straps, so the main bulk is going to be identical.

And I suppose I chose the metal strap because to me it's more adult. My first watch looked a bit like this hence I look at it and think "middle school". Although clearly it was much cheaper.

Also the two I'd picked are the slimmest and smallest they do.
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