Tuesday, October 06, 2009

2005-12-25 030 [a-ratio inv] - The Dark LightAudience participation time again. Someone's just asked if I do Christmas cards. "Yes, soon" I think the reply current is. So if you can think of something suitable on my Flickr account let me know through email of tagging it something suitable (currently using Christmasable, but the selection was basically anything I can think of that might fit and currently includes repetitions as I edit and tweak format for printing (and then realise it looked better before the edit)).

And if you still haven't done the general non-Christmas cards voting then please do so [starting point?], again either emailing me with the links of those you like or by tagging them yourself with something along the lines of "cardyXXX", where you are the XXX (and the y means 'yes'). Yes, I am of course assuming this is nowhere near popular enough that people chose the same tagging codes, but it's a risk I'm going to have to tolerate.

In other news I need to look up when the next Grand Prix is on because I want to find out if Firefox is really managing more crashes per hour than F1. I would have defected to Chrome by now had Google endangered their revenue stream by encouraging ad-blocking on it.

Oh, and this needs to be read (scroll to the bottom), if only to remind you not to read the original. He manages to make Dan Brown sound like Tolstoy (well, War and Peace went on for ages after the story finished while the author propounded through characters and it had a lot of pointless stuff involving Masons in it too).


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