Saturday, November 07, 2009

GF8 600 - 01 CentreStageHave you walked into a church on a winter's day?

Not just me, is it?

Although having listened again much later it may well be.

Anyway, something else. How should one respond to the following sic text?
I find pleasure in your company for the following reasons.. Your articulate ,humourous sensitive ,strong minded and why would I not want to buy you a meal . Oh and on a more personal note ... Well you'll just have to wait till our next meeting... If there is to be one ?

The hills are alive with the sound of people running to them? Apart from anything else: Your articulate... What? Cousin? Eyebrows? Lorry?

And there other things that never got worked out beyond the précis:
- Stomach making noises like Skype.
- Bus. Oyster out. Dripping ceiling. The Waters of Mars. The joys of the 29 and living up to the stereotype and therefore having watched it live and on iPlayer. Water always wins. Though you'd think something called Oyster would be able to cope with it.
- The joys of subliminal Facebook messages:
-- X Y and K Y are now friends.
-- X Y is all signed up for her first course in counselling!


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