Friday, November 27, 2009

DSC_1862 - Copper CooperageWeird dream: We all had to stop everything and sit in the darkness for twenty minutes while they closed the flood barrier.

Clearly wasn't a very long dream. Just the type of dream must-be-published-by-thirty* novels are made of.

* My brother and his friends had a competition to see who would be the first to get their novel published. I scoffed at his inability to write a book. Whereas I merely forget how old I am or am nearly and that exempts me. Anyway, I've tried writing stories. I have a habit of neglecting to include any likeable characters. Or making it like that awful blazing tsunami of doom book which wipes out London (yes, I know that's pretty much par for the course in the first 45 seconds of the disaster any disaster film is built around [God, villians, sacrificial English-speakers], but this book made the waltzing tornadoes of Day After Tomorrow look sane). Just because one's found out what could happen and how it could happen does not mean it all will happen especially not at the same time.

But it might. Right about the point the quick brown pig jumps over the lazy shark while building up the speed to take off.

There was some other dream as well, but it wasn't of Twitterable length so I can't remember it.

Speaking of which, just noticed Desert Island Discs trending. How not very 2.0 is that?

Speaking of music [albeit blatantly nicked from Stephen Fry's Twitter]:

Soundtrack coming to a Spotify near you soon.

[/easily amused]


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