Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DSC_8032 [psp] - Wombles to UpminsterHurrah, I have internet. Ok, so I actually don't, but my brother has, and he's out at the moment therefore it's mine, all mine (comme le brouillard). So now for the usual apologies for lack of abnormal service. But not having internet probably counts as a reasonable excuse for silence. Anyway, I have seen bloggers recently if not blogged.

First was LondonDan for Pam-Ann (finally learned to type that in the not-showing-my-age way), who was, oh hang on, there was half a post drafted about this, wasn't there? So read that then.

Then came

[Walky Talky Stairs and Co.]

One down, how many to go?

[Can I claim the CIA came and took away my words because they were dangerous? And that's why there's nothing more written here?]


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