Saturday, December 05, 2009

DSC_5735 - BrainstripperOn further questioning he admitted to having pale stools and dark urine.

The most interesting line to come out of a talk by one these guys, albeit on the medical notes left behind in the lecture theatre. Beyond the hepatitis, it was the usual call for a war-footing, ditching of GDP as anything but a measure of what it is, and wondering why we appear to be waiting for it start snowing technology*.

I am of course leaving out much, because, well, if I repeat what normally gets repeated then the wilful hedonism option does start to look attractive.

So what else has been happening? Well, I've seen both James Corden and Ruby Wax; the former in incongruous shoes on Hantstead Heath, the latter twice in the RA. I quite liked the bit where she gets fired at the wall.

I've played drink while you think with in-laws (not mine but I've yet to work out the correct term for them).

I've been repeatedly disappointed by a recurrent trending topic on Twitter; It's snowing is just misleading when they're talking about Austin or Albany not 'Ackné or 'Ammasmith.

Thought this good.

Failed to finish a children's book yet.

Managed to buy dry-clean-only trousers, but they are quite nice, and labels like that are like the best-before dates on food or the red man on crossings. Scant is a good word, isn't it?

Managed not to buy some skinny jeans**, not because of the mutton trussed as lamb thing, but because I was mostly skinnier. I clearly need a job that I have to get the Tube to (and so spend my days running up escalators) or move back to Exciter. Suddenly the grunge of the Gumtreed doesn't seem so bad; they may be halfway to Hardfortsheer but at least they're in Loldom, technically.

And on that thought I'm off to fortify myself for tomorrow's home hiring hopes.


* One day it will. Pray you don't live that long.
** I manage to be so far off the fashion radar I'm probably on its sonar. I think part of the problem is I don't tend to look at the men around me and wonder what their clothes will look like on me. Now try that with a different stress.

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