Sunday, December 06, 2009

DSC_8833 - easyFilterWatching this again. It's not my fault. Pam Ann (hurrah I got it the non-showing-my-age way round for once!) kept referencing in her show tonight. 'Twas good but occasionally a bit too, well, she described it as being a pantomime, but parts of it were like those sections during the service of church parade where suddenly the congregation chant some non-sequitur back and then keep doing it with different phrases. Which is fine if you've done it before, but not so much when she could break into a chunk of Sister Act and I might not notice (though it was eerie hearing her echo the inner voice when Roxy the Viking emerged; damn cultural priming).

Anyway, there are probably seats available for next Sunday's performance (unless you happen to have something better to do, like, um, that Christmas number-one maker thing. Hmm, maybe that's where everyone was). By which I mean I bought the cheapest of the cheap seats and found us up/downgraded to the tier below. Which only made the jibes pitched up to the economy gods slightly awkward because Pam Ann was about the only person in the place seemingly unaware that there was no one up there.

Anyway, so I've now spent a Sunday night at the Loldom Platinum and discovered it's got good acoustics because when the microphone popped in and out of existence the word came through regardless.

[What a thrilling thought to end the post on. Must remember to try harder. Anyway, Londondan, lovely guy, fluff filler probably covers the rest of it].


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