Friday, February 05, 2010

DSC_2899 - Dr Jeckell and Mr CanvasQuestions answered this week:

Does Gandalf not like parsnips?
Who will win in an epic battle between a G-Wiz and a hill into Hi!gate?
Where can one find roses that match the nylon lining of a parka?
Is it possible to cover Massive Attack using bagpipes?
Wife, Girlfriend or Mistress?
How many samples of the one that tastes of cinnamon is it possible to get?
Are you reading this in a deep yet enthusiastic American voice?
[Are you ever going to forgive me for four?]

It might have helped if I'd answered these at the time of writing. I think I still can now, but sure it'd be worth the effort. So briefly:

1. Watch Waiting for Godot to find out.
2. The G-Wiz adopted the tortoise technique and so won, although he presumably had to field off offers of a push the whole time.
3. M&S. The Q and I differ in our flower buying habits.
4. Yes, but the audience may snigger and/or guffaw. And wince. Burns' Night has a lot to answer for.
5. How the hell should I know? Especially since I've no idea what prompted this.
6. Many.
7. HTHSIK, again.
8. Result pending.


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