Thursday, March 25, 2010

DSC_3965 [psp] - Back BooksBank, vote, not lib.

No, that isn't a lack of endorsement for the Liberal Democrats, just Lame-Beth refusing to let me read.

It's odd that I can get a vote without showing any identification, but I can't get a library book out without giving them insight into my credit rating.

To join the library I need a bank statement or utility bill. I don't get bank statements since the bank told me that receiving paper statements is a very, very bad thing. I don't pay utility bills [directly]. Ergo I cannot exist.

Sod the passport, which might suggest that I am a person who exists, sod the parcel with the customs sticker on it, which might suggest that can be contacted at the aforementioned address, that the Government admit the address exists, and that the address lies pretty much within Lame-Beth's domain.

Instead palm me off with a form that I can't use until I have some paperwork I won't get. But which I can fill in now, you know, just in case it comes in handy.

Except when I try to fill it in I find it's gloriously glossy, so basically wipe-clean.

By the way, Lame-Beth, your form is ageist. That or the state of the populace of Lame-Beth is such that it is impossible for anyone to reach 100 or older (which, ya know, isn't such a zany idea).

And it's anti-American-ist. And anti-ISO-ist too.

When I say anti-X I mean it doesn't preclude X, but would simply let the wrong date be entered into the system if it happens to be a DDMMYY-format one (but then maybe it does expect YYMMDD format dates; it just doesn't say what the two-by-two-by-two boxes should contain).

While I'm pointing out faults, where's the "please specify" box for the option of "Other" in the title section? "Dear Other Johnston..."

But then it also proclaims 2008 to be the National Year of Reading. If only they'd give me a chance to read I could look forward to it.

And now on to bigger and greater rants.


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