Sunday, June 13, 2010

DSC_2710 [psp] - Just Hold OnThe Thames by Tommies. Four people, one walking, three on a bench drinking, one male, three female.

A: Hey sexy! Show us your nipples.
B: *faint dismissive snort, carries on walking*
A: Nipples!
A: Come on!
A: What, are you gay or something?
A: You look it.
B: *fails to fire back witheringly bitchy yet witty retort finished with a snap, carries on walking*
A: [Indecipherable shouting then laughter]

I think I need to practice so I can be like the guy on the upper-deck of some late night bus, who when accused of being 'fucking queer' by one of crowd headed towards the back replied, with a sweep of the hand towards his static, seated body "if this looks like fucking then I pity your girlfriend". Rapidly stifled laughs. De dissed simmers, riled. Another member of the aisle-bound posse points out that DD can't get a girlfriend. Cue flouncing towards the back, finding the back seats taken and slamming into an empty seat, arraying himself widely, trying to look tough, evil, managing gangly and not that far off tears.

Of course it probably was about yea far off someone being stabbed, but at the time it worked.

Anyway, back to the nipples, I can't help wondering if perhaps they trio were in the wrong city (and probably country) for that sort of thing (seriously? At the mid-point between Sogo and Voxhall?). But chief instigator is probably doomed anyway given [by her statements] she finds gay men sexually attractive. Can't ever really see that working to her advantage.


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