Sunday, July 18, 2010

DSC_8311 [psp] - Cyberman born of CybermanfanThank you Mummikins.

Because it really more fun to go through a few hundred images trying to work out which you're taking about because you don't want to make comments on Facebook, yet interpret "send me the link for each image you'd like" as use one word descriptors where the word used may not be used in the text accompanying each image.

"both planes"

That was on its own on a single line. I didn't think I'd added any shots of aeroplanes*. Is that the views from an aeroplane, of which there are three? Or something else, being basically anything with a flat surface in it?

And this from the woman who always refused to playing guessing games. I would add something scathing about sketching out the images on little scrolls paper before attaching them to pigeons as being a more efficient way of doing things, but, er, it would be. An image may tell a thousand words but you do need at least about 0.5% of those to have some idea which image we're talking about.

Bloody audience participation.

In other news, it turns out Brighton in July, so somewhere around force six and surfable, plus oddly cut last time and needs cutting again hair equals epicness. And odd looks.


* Um, so it turns I did, but forgot that the Red Arrows are anything more than coloured smoke.

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