Saturday, August 21, 2010

DSC_5980 - The Deity You Have Dialled Is Currently Unavailable. Please Try Again LaterSo pretending I'm not childish enough to get the giggles at one of the Brickstown ranters commanding a market full of shoppers to "Come! Come! Come with me! Let us come! Let us come unto Him! Come men! Come young men! Come old men! Come men together! Let us come together! Come women! Come men! Come black! Come, er, white*! Come with thy neighbour! Come! Come! Come for the Lord! Your God commands you to come! Come! Come! [ad nauseum]. Come into the glory! Come with glory! Come into the love! Come with love!". It didn't help she'd just been very obsessive, and a little graphic**, about the perils of men who are wit' men, men who be as woman, men who becomin' woman.

* Thanks for faltering token inclusivity there. Personally, think coming black ought to be to the one to worry about.

** Well, as graphic as someone can be who refuses to name any body part. This possibly might have started the sniggering.

One day I'll get round to asking her why it is her god has forsaken her, although I suspect it wouldn't be wise to be standing near her amp for the reply.


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