Friday, December 03, 2010

2005-07-31 self 004Palm reading graffiti
Optimist, deep down.
Good at communication
A spiral on the end of my ring finger means I'm highly creative
A couple of relationships, one hard to get over.
Very changeable period, settles in a year and half.
What one does when it's cold and snowing, and there's no one to sell to. It was the first time I've had someone read my palm (actually that's not true, but it was the first time by someone who makes their living from it [rather than someone who can't quite remember it all and two-thirds of the way through wonders if she's meant to be reading the other hand).

So other than getting bits of my hand coloured in for free, I... didn't learn much that couldn't already be deduced from my presence there. And kept slightly quiet on the guesswork bits when they went wrong.

Still, it was something to do that wasn't shivering.


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