Monday, April 25, 2011

DSC_5567 [ps] - Gay Old TimeOne day I'll speak.

Drifted by a conversation, heard the content, didn't stay long.

How does one react to [over]hearing someone declare that gay people looking after children "is not right", that "freedom's gone too far" and that "if they tried that anywhere else they'd be shot".

Someone countered that it was better that children were looked after than not. The main proponent argued that even if the gay people don't harm the children, putting children with them would be harmful because the children would be bullied, society would reject them, so it ought not be allowed.

I left at this point, when it was obvious that no one was going to challenge this.

I oughtn't have done. I should have stayed, and argued, and pointed out that continuing to maintain such a caustic, vindictive society is directly harmful to children—to any that discover themselves to be gay, or to any that are perceived to be—and so in his, well, I would say status-quo model, except it's not really the status-quo, not as it has been for a long time, not as it really has been since pretty much forever, because, well, life always provides the exceptional, that this model harms three sets of children; the gay, the thought to be, and the missing out on a better life.

I ought to have pointed out that in saying that gay people are not to be trusted with children, for whatever reason, he is declaring one part of humanity to be lesser mortals, untermenschen, and that such a trope really hasn't worked out well in the past.

It's self-perpetuating. All are equal, but saying some are more equal than others, and those that are less equal are only so to save them and their kin from the ills of society, means that society is confirmed in its ills. The salvation is condemnation.

Besides which did you never get to that thing about the sins of the father? Oh, sorry, yours is later edition; less New Testament, more Deuteronomy.

But then what did I expect but inept solipsism from someone who uttered the phrase "no disrespect". It's "with the greatest respect" for those who don't even know they don't mean it. It's a "no homo" flag, a signal of cravenness. It's "not being racist, but..."

But then I think people who use the phrase "I'm not being funny" usually are—frequently both senses—although often don't care to know it.


Darling anyhoo,

People who say such things make me sick. Homophobes are not good people to be raising children. They are not to be trusted with such an important task. Their kind should just be allowed to grow old and die until the world is free of such hatefulness.

Really, need we say more?

I do love your blog something fierce. I find your writing utterly delightful and thought provoking. I'll be back often in future to read more!

Eek, someone new with expectations! This can not end well.

As for that particular homophobe, well, it would seem he's not that keen on children, so at least direct exposure will be limited.
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