Tuesday, April 05, 2011

DSC_6732 [psp] - CautionOne problem with the whole lapsed anonymity thing is that is it absurdly hard to find anywhere to vent. Here only suffices because I think it's been forgotten about.

For my father's birthday I gave him a t-shirt. This led to my parents viewing the site on which my designs are sold. Nothing disastrous so far. Then my mother rings and while talking about a whole load of other things happens to mention that one of the designs is wrong, as 'gay' should be in capitals, because otherwise it means "en fête". This from a woman who days earlier was mocking the BSE effect of the Daily Mail on some acquaintances (it makes them bovine and makes their brains rot).

Presumably my father's birthday is not the time to reduce his wife to tears over the phone.

Whenever I think it's fine there's always something I'm told I need to change about me, about something I do or have done. I would say it's as regular as clockwork, except it's not at all, and that's half the pain of it. It's like the game; suddenly it exists again and you just lost.

So how does one gently suggest to a parent that one might like to nudge one's spelling out of the seventeenth century, which after ALL was the laſt TIME that anyone ſane uſed ERRONEOUS capitaliſation?

Unless of course we're back to that backronym/club.

Which I think we are.


Why must killing these canards be so canard?

Bonus point to the person who can find the source of that joke.


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