Saturday, April 09, 2011

DSC_7239 [ps]Um...

So it turns out I've got quite good at posting infrequently, and by posting I mean writing two thirds of a past then just leaving it as a draft. Permission to have a sort of amnesty? Except I don't know who I'm asking permission from as I long ago gave up looking at the stats for this site (when one has stats for work sites and spin-off not-work sites but which actually lead to income [of a sort; think of a deep contraction of my real name and bung that in Google along with a colour and liquid trapping a gas], well, seeing I've had a visitor from Guyana who came here after Googling "cow parsley prawns" or some such pretty much undergoes desire-wanage. No one intentionally comes now so there's no point paying attention to whether anyone does or even preparing content in case someone should; may as well turn the whole colour-scheme grey, install a raccoon and claim there are gardens somewhere out there under it all).

But on the off-chance, look out for things appearing in the archive.



I still pop my head in, from time to time. Good to see some activity here.

Hope I find you well.
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