Friday, May 06, 2011

DSC_4569 - Decisions DecisionsPerhaps the options should have been:
Yes, please do away with FPTP.
No, I detest change as it is unconstitutional.
No, I would go with the option just above, but I object to the use of the un-British word 'unconstitutional'.
No, I like the word 'disenfranchised'; it's fun word to say.
No, electoral reform is for little countries.
No, I do not like some current politicians.
No, the paper told me say this.
No, I do not wish to have this referendum.

Then we would have had fair and accurate response—a clear mandate—from the electorate.


PS. 100% of those I follow on Twitter who mentioned it were for AV/reform, and about 80–90% of the same on Facebook. I think I have a sampling error.

The places which said yes were:
Inner London boroughs,
Central Edinburgh,
Glasgow Kelvin.

Link to large university populations much [the map the Guardian gives basically colours in the significant unis]? Except London, but it is London. The London results might also be influenced by there being no other elections, so if one voted in the referendum it was because one cared, rather than it being just another ballot one got handed.

So given the clusters it's not surprising I encountered a sampling error.
I voted no, but my second choice was yes.

Actually, I didn't vote. I am disenf... hang on, let me come up with another word. You've already made fun of that one.
But 'disenfranchised' is a fun word to say, like 'plethora' or even 'petrichor'.

How come you are without vote?

And there was a reason I worded the yes vote as I did: steppingstonosity.
I've gotten into the habit of not voting over the last fifteen years or so. After some reflection, I think as much as anything I do it to annoy people.

I didn't get where I am today by having constitutional debates.

BUT... PR does have some advantages I suppose.
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