Monday, June 27, 2011

DSC_6246 - Beyond IKEASeriously?

According to this the maximum rent for where I live is £85 a week. Trundle over to Gumtree. Stick in "Max £85 pw", tick "Borough Where I Live", await expectantly.

Apparently I can get a half-day share of a photography studio, some ambiguously described desk-space, a self-storage unit or parking space. There is one bedroom listed*, in which a shared bed is mentioned, along with other requests.

Widening the net a little and I can find somewhere on at £83 pw, in... oh wait, that's over the border in the next LHA rate area, which doesn't even pay £85 pw.

Who the hell came up with this? Apparently someone who concludes that Kennin'tun is Cla'am is Ca'fo'd.

* Oh, so it turns out I was in the wrong section. But even so, my rent, which is cheap even for a not-wholly salubrious area (don't worry, I've never shopped in that place round the corner where those people got shot, and I wouldn't be seen dead in KFC [hopefully]), is still above what I am entitled to (unless I stick a camp stove in the corner, above a bucket, in which case I can get £100 more).

Checking the proper section and it's single rooms in places (where?) famous from the news, with storage over the bed, where to open the window you'd have to have half-stand and half-kneel on the bed because there's only room for one leg down there, oh, and the edge of the door frame is in shot, possibly to help block those dark fractal patterns on the wall. And this too is over the housing-rate border.

All of which probably is in response to having some guy, while swearing at me and threatening to hit me at the market yesterday (don't ya just love the general public?), call me a "little rich kid".

And then my mother, while talking about making use of the free travelcard that comes with the tickets to beach volleyball, on the subject of over-travelled-tiredness-induced waning attention, happened to mention that falling asleep was possible because they're not all women playing. And then she remembered.

Yep, today was the day my mother forgot.

I would have protested that it's about the gamesmanship and I'm not like that, but there is the whole watching rugby not football because of the thighs thing and I was at the time envisaging Top Gun-esque scenes.

The betting that they play music over the PA? And that that music is Loggins? I'm going for totes.
After chasing rainbows sunsets one of life's little joys: playing with the boys.


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