Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DSC_9495 - In The HeadlightsIt is good sign if you nearly tell the "baby milk" beggar (and possible crack addict) that she's looking well today?

Because she was. Although I'm surprised her baby's not on solids yet, given how long she's been jumping in front of strangers and telling them she needs £2.49 to buy baby milk. Unless of course she's had another baby, but if so then she's shifted the baby-weight remarkably well, although she can't have put much on because I don't remember her showing. I am a bit surprised the price of the formula hasn't gone up, but maybe they've just shrunk the tins a bit, or she's switched brands.

As I made my excuses and left she shouted after me "I like your hairstyle. Where you from? Israel?"

Answer came there none because, well, where does one start?

It was almost as good as being asked while on the stall selling myownwork, which tends to be a bit light on people, and which tends to be taken by me, a child of the eighties, if I had anything of The Beatles.

1. I probably wasn't capable of operating a camera when the first of them died (but I'd have probably be able to chew gum the strap).
2. While there is a slight overlap between all four being extant and me being likewise, they had been disbanded for some while by this stage.
3. Just generally, what the hell are you on? Baby formula?
4. Seriously, you think I look old enough to have seen The Beatles live? I'll have you know that someone earlier in the day assumed I was 19 or 20; people often assume I was born after Back to the Future. I think they mistake ineptitude for inexperience.
5. Unless they're shiny I probably won't have taken a photograph of them anyway. Also they're people, and they move, and those of you with Facebook or Google+ access will know I'm not all that great with moving subjects.


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