Monday, July 25, 2011

DSC_3890 [psp yel] - Minor ContretempsWas about to be publicly indignant about fudge.

Bought some "Devonshire Made Confectionery Home Made Home Made Clotted Cream Fudge" from a shop in Croyde. Got home, which is very not Croyde, to find the best before date is apparently a week before I bought. Cue mentally composing witty but derisive tweet about buying food from somewhere called The Old Cream Shop/in a package that makes use of Comic Sans. While typing that date into Twitter thought that 17/7/11 looks a bit palindromic if you're a bit dysexic [typo, but, er, moving swiftly on] and wondering why I hadn't noticed earlier, and then went to check the address of the makers and the ingredients for further mocking material, when I happened to notice the reason for the not originally spotting the palindromedary.

I'm not sure whether I'm happier to know that the fudge isn't a bit stale because it will remain incorruptible for an entire year. Turns out it uses palm oil instead of butter, hence the not-going-off-ness.

Note to self: in future, when a package talks about the product "using a traditional family recipe handed down through the years" remember that two is plural.

And this is the view where it is made.

Um, yeah, so I think the best thing to come out of the Teignmouth probably still is Muse.

Anyway, Croyde fun. Didn't surf. Didn't swim. Stood taking pictures of patterns in the waves around my feet and climbing hills because they were there.


I suppose they might claim that the recipe has been subject to one or two [ahem] improvements, over the years. Or is that just a fudge? So, so, so sorry.

Come to Bath some time - we'll do the tour, and pratice social awkwardness.
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