Thursday, September 22, 2011

DSC_1107 [psp] - Shake Your Groove ThingJust made a circle on Google Plus labelled "Teh Gays". Feel bad for making a ghetto. But there's a common bond (amongst most).

And promptly failed to use it because gay/=avidfansofcamptat in all cases.

It started with a video posted on Facebook labelled "Raspberries!"

I assumed it would be from Thoroughly Modern Millie, before I noticed the thumbnail and the poster (baby being 'so cute!').

I feel like a bad human (but presumably good clapping seal. Not that I think of the respondents to an acquaintance's posts as clapping seals when they start quoting Wong Foo or Lucky Bitches or Heathers or fake southern US adverts, okrrr?).

But my brain had been primed by seeing Glee cover Hairspray (to quote a friend's ex-housemate on the latter: "What is this crap?" which was shortly followed by "Get this song out of my head").

Hmm, how ought one handle knowing something to be pointless junk and yet mindlessly fun?

Oh, arbitrary dichotomies are fun.

Embedding blocked. Boo hiss.

Bonus, because, well, it's just too zany not to.


He's alive!

Happy new year, in case you don't post again before then.

Hope you do though.
You may find yourself wishing to retract that.

In fairness I had no way of knowing.

I'll comment more appropriately on the appropriate post, which I've glanced at enough to realise what happened, but not yet read fully.
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