Monday, October 10, 2011

DSC_0492 [psp] - 3 is a Lovely NumberIt gets better.

Not only did the bank respond to my mother informing them of my father's death with "you're joking me", but now Orange apparently reacted to this news by asking to speak to him.


For some reason, I'm hearing "you're joking me" in an affectionate and sympathetic, if unfortunately-phrased, geordie tone. Given that such operatives are presumably trained in dealing with customers in this situation, this really isn't a very good excuse.

I can't even think of a poor excuse for Orange's response. Idiots.
The guy from the bank I think just stumbled on a unfortunate phrase.

But Orange have asked more than once if it's possible to speak to a dead man, having just been told he's dead, and then sent him a bill for a service they said had been cancelled, having lost the copy of the death certificate they took and thus not cancelled it.
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