Friday, October 21, 2011

DSC_5002 [psp] - Turning TrunkSince then I have mostly been outgoing.

By which I mean going out. So not only was there barn dance where I was flung round in lieu of my father, then the applegeddon, and a load of lullabies most of which would waken most adults.

It's odd hearing the songs from the funeral and the thereafter as structured as intended, cascading through a church. I probably should have collapsed in tears at hearing them again, bunched together, introduced with information about their traditional uses, telling us that this one is used for births and sudden deaths, knowing the one that scares my mother (because my father liked it, probably because it talks of places they discovered on their thirty-fifth[?] wedding anniversary, off on holiday together, and despite the complaints at the time, still lodged in the memo section of his phone and my mind of her phone calls, the photographs showed happiness) is coming up, and then of course there was this [m4a].

Ouch. And yes, I now that link rather buggers the ever-guessing who anonymity thing*, but, well, for years it's probably mostly been that everyone's just too polite to point out that Toto has torn down the curtain.

* This was meant to read "whole anonymity thing", but I like the new version, not least for the irony of forgetting to type the whole of the word "whole".


'Applegeddon' - I like that.
It had more uses for apples than any sane person could think of.
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