Friday, November 04, 2011

GF5 600 - London Eye - 32What is it with people thinking they can forbid me from things?

The unsent reply:

Grow some dignity.
And in other news, The Railway Children, currently at Oakworth International, is quite good. And I gained a Malteaser there (during the interval the bag was on my brother's coat, so I assumed it was the SIL's and thus faintly all right for me to take one from. Turns out the row behind had dropped theirs. They didn't say anything, just picked up the bag at the end of the show and threw it away).

Still think emblazoning Waterloo Post-International with "Welcome to Yorkshire" is faintly cruel (the dirty, dated undercroft is grim, but it's not that grim. Ok, so the comment was more about confusing visitors [well, they might have come up from a ship at Southampton. Maybe], but it's bizarre how old the new becomes; CRT public information screens?).

And now to wonder if the ambiguously worded confirmation email means I ought worry about post not turning up or if the tickets to faintly improbable thing to see with one's mother (lastminute, rapidly vanishing offer, she'd complained the last time I mentioned going to something on my own) are going to be at the box office on the day.


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