Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DSC_9552 - GreyscaleHere's an interesting mental exercise.

But other people's problems are always so much easier. And that's how they discovered I could read (because I was solving other people's letter-based problems).

And speaking of problems, I'm slightly worried my body is learning to cope with the skewed serotonin levels, creating a new normal. But I think that's just the base me finding things to worry about because not worrying about things is worrying.

It's terribly odd, finding that winter is converted to spring in my head, that the bits where I actually feel like me happen, and have made me remember what that is, it last having happened so long ago that I'd forgotten it had, it existed.

There is a certain degree of "why the hell didn't I do this sooner" to all this. Not helped by my mother asking if I've been depressed my whole adult life, to which the answer didn't quite come, but that's because the one that was forming started with "not the whole".

That and discovering that pretty much everyone I know is either, or has been, on drugs or having counselling (or clearly needs it).

It's odd what the world looks like when you turn round.


Interesting link. That chap is clearly some kind of genius.

Sounds like progress. I have much gladness for you.
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