Saturday, December 03, 2011

DSC_6058 - Red Snow ManUm, it might just be me, but the first result Google gives me for the search term "en guarde" is, er, unusual (although, metaphorically, not uncommon).

It doesn't help the species name given in the extract is "hancockanus" (if you've got a different result, here is what was first for me [and now I have to worry about what Google thinks of me that this is first]).

Oh, I do hope I don't have dreams tonight. Especially as I now have visions of Tarantino expostulating.

*Think Iceman*
*Think Iceman*
*Think Iceman*


Maybe the presence of the 'U' is throwing things out? I'm an Altavista man myself. Old habits sometimes don't die at all.

That has all the makings of a spoof wikipedia entry, but apparently is not.
On the u, why do you think I Googled it?

Altavista? Isn't that near San Francisco? Maybe I'm thinking of Palo Alto or Saratoga or somewhere.
To be fair you did reference google a couple of times.

I wasn't aware that Altavista was a place, but then there's plenty of which I'm not aware.
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