Friday, January 27, 2012

DSC_8339 [ps] - TickleFrom Facebook, which usually tells me to befriend people I've heard of (thanks to the gayfia):

Sheila Gynodottir likes this

Oh, not that Manhunt.

But then it was beneath the suggestion that I 'like' Nirvana because a Buddhist friend does.

Ooh, finally listening to CD (they still have those! Who knew?) a friend sent me (ok, so Amazon sent it, but it's the click that counts), and it's got strings in. #yay #fanofflorid #ohisthisnottwitter?

Except there's the slight glitch that one song gets my head singing along the words to a different song by a different band (and BTW what is that one radios keep playing at the moment that isn't Beyoncé, just sounds remarkably like one of hers?). There's also another glitch that the drive in this computer is clearly so whizzy that it only needs to scan the CD occasionally to get the data, instead of having it plod round continuously, so all songs have an underlying hint of microwave on defrost.

Actually, I'm faintly confused, because this music is the sort I like, and it's familiar, and yet I apparently don't already have a copy. Odd. That and the band name confuses me, although perhaps it's like the hiccups remedy in Sleepless in Seattle, and we're all meant to say "Wasn't it Jonah?"


PS. No, I do not use it—have just heard of it—only getting as far as lurking on Thingbox.

"No, I do not use it"

Facebook, or Manhunt?
Manhunt. I much prefer Spy Hunter.
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