Monday, January 16, 2012

A weekend in the country

"Oh fuck off, nanny."

As spoken by a child scarcely taller than his scooter.

Anyway, moving deftly on, look what I found:

The arrows! The arrows! The arrows! The arrows! Still the same arrows!

Sunday mornings invading my parents' bed. I don't remember the titles taking three minutes—maybe they did—but I do remember the curious amount of twins and triplets about who die in suspiciously similar circumstances. I don't quite remember what actually happened, but that's not important, right? I mean, it's only the birth of a nation and religion.

Bloody hell, there are 94 episodes. No wonder it was always on (and I never worked out what was on).

Anyway, is that suitably different from the competitive misery of the last post (it wasn't intentionally)? I just saw a comment while rummaging in Alec's archive (mostly because it was there) that was something along the lines of "Such problems I wish I had". Except clearly not; the lives are others are always greater, more important, more significant.

And I need to work on that. Rather than diminishing my preferences and desires lest they disrupt anyone, finding it far too easy to acquiesce to the ambivalence of others (I used that phrase the other day and was promptly accused of being fastidiously wordy. Clearly they didn't actually use "fastidiously", but brevity, and elegance, demands the misquote. That and I can't find a better way of saying it; 'yield' perhaps, but what is equivalent to 'ambivalent'?)

As for wordiness (and why is it that I can do wordiness better than worldliness?) I now really want to post the lyrics to something we're supposed to do in choir (now that I'm an old hand there I can happen to drop it in, in much the manner of civil partnerships *waves*. I must be an old hand as there's someone there newer than me, and who makes the debate as to whether the giant or I am the youngest suddenly irrelevant with his three-years post... what? Uni? College? School? In fact, actual or otherwise, I've been going twice as long as him, so, er, I'm not sure I have a point (so let's stick some more brackets in (because that's how I normally get out of things like this (just as long as you're not keeping count))).

Anyway, choir, in amongst the unpronounceable (seriously, 'pelotsethatha'? Hint: two of the letters are silent. Or even 'tu t'en vas' if fast enough), is this li'l beaut (trying to avoid quoting lyrics because I'm being paranoid, but we do seem to do a different version to most of the others, and the more obscure the more Google hits. See: Northumbrian dish of bacon, onion and potato).

And I really need to work on my French (ignoring the whole reading it unintentionally thing the other day). Turns out "ma tant" is not my aunt.

Et avec ça je vais bid yieu adieu.


PS. )

*Waves back*

It's good to see the (pre) spring growth around this place.

On the last post: were you born on the sabbath day? I'm fair of face, meself.
I take it you don't mean the crocuses?

It was the blitheness and bonniness of others that was grinding. I'm loving and giving, obviously.
Confusion. It's a word you could substitute for ambivalence. I'm always yielding to the confusion of others. You do them a favour; a kindness. It's what I'd like for myself. And I wish I could cope with the threads of thought escaping from me with the ease you did. I hadn't thought of brackets! Unfortunately I can't adopt it. I have a terror of plagiarism. x
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