Saturday, February 11, 2012

DSC_6366 - How the Mighty Have FallenStarts typing "70000 D" and auto-complete kicks in with "anish kroner pounds". I guess some other people have been watching it too.

Other watchage: The Lives of Others. Sehr gut, aber nicht de bester film ich habe ever seenen komst einen freund du mijen mère gesprakt.

Guess who did a year of Fren–er, Freudian, or Freudienne, slip there—German and never was very good at separating English from not-English and the not-Englishes from each other.

At this rate the Easter thing to where the barbarians come from is going to be sehr fun (except it's actually in the next state over, the Scout one).


I like The Lives of Others a great deal. The final line gets me right here *points*.
In your nipple?
The middle one, yes.
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