Thursday, March 08, 2012

DSC_2457 - This Is CactusBecause I keep starting posts and not getting anywhere with them there'll be a slight lack of segues in this compilation post.

Mother, dearest, please try to remember that this is my wedding you're railing against. BTW, the people inside the television can't hear you.

Stand outside. Stick your tongue out. Come back tomorrow at the same time and your insolence will already have travelled beyond the furthest anything made by man has got so far, and it's had over three-decades to get there. Which is pretty cheeky.

And it comes to something when there's three-pounds-twenty difference between the balances of one's bank account and Paypal account.

"Pathos - wasn't he one of the three musketeers?"


PS. This one:
DSC_0230 [psp] - Lifting the Veil

You're getting married?! I'll dig out my hat.
Were you trying to grow more hats? I don't think they're like potatoes. I think you just end up with a bigger hat, assuming it doesn't just rot in the ground.

And of course I'm getting married. I do need to work on the finding someone to marry but that's just a minor technicality.

So how's married/partnered/civilised life?
Dig OUT my hat, not dig UP my hat. Mind you, we did get a record harvest last year from the fascintor tree in the garden.

It is a technicality, I agree. I think you should go ahead with booking a venue and sending out invitations - the details can be finalised nearer the time.

It's much like unpartnered/uncivilised life, only with next of kin responsibilities in the event of illness and/or death.

Quite honestly, even presented with marriage as an option I think we'd have preferred civil partnership. They're welcome to their holy nonsense.
Your fascinators grow on trees? What are you Carmen, er, I just started typing Burana, which I have a hunch isn't quite right. Anyway, fruitbowlhatwoman.

[Pedantry: Digging out applies. One digs out stumps and crowns and roots and sodding brambles. So there]

Maybe I should use the invitation to find the other half: you can either get me a decanter or perfection cast in a male mould.

Marriage isn't [just] holy. It's simply the separate but equal, thus not, thing that rankles slightly. But people talk of marrying and weddings and husbands as those are the terms that are commonest, that are implicitly understood.
Separate is fine by me, and I never wanted equality since I was coming from a feeling of superiority in the first place. I concede that we did, and do, use the terms 'wedding' and 'husband', but mostly ironically. It's a bond, a declaration, and a partnership. 'Partnership' is absolutely the right word for us, and we wanted it NOT to be marriage. I'm not suggesting marriage shouldn't be available to those who want it, just saying that it wasn't/isn't for us.

I don't dig out brambles. I just cut them back. It's easier.
"Mostly ironically"?

But they grow back.
Yes. What would you like clarified?

Really? Damn it.
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