Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Greece 5 600 - 01Bitte holen sie.

And this is why God/Google invented translate.google.com. Wiederholen sie, apparently.

But then that deep harbour we moored in in Greece was called Vathi, which in Greek is beta alpha theta and the vowel one (oddly bath, as in what one bathes in, is from a different root meaning 'to warm').

But then each time I do one of the German lessons I start by going to Last.fm to find out what the last one was because I've no idea (Pimsleur has yet to be the most played artist of any week).

Anyway, the world is cool:

And for more wonder and lingual confusion listen to Jay Brannan's new album (which is rather like his set from October, which is not necessarily bad).

And I still need to read that. Except I don't, because that's only nearly the title.

And I need to stop singing, and laughing, along. I was laughing at something earlier too (not the depression one, good though that is, but the Kenny Loggins one, though I'm sure I've read about the dog before). It's very odd. Especially when I start wondering why, and having to consider whether it's medication induced.

He wears socks in bed! Well, there goes that plan. He being the man in my ear, Jay.

Ooh, I can do this:


I've just seen what this looks like. You'd never guess that I make money from aesthetics, would you?
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