Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh yay, apparent commission work falling out of the interether. Fractionally less yay are the slightly pestering emails with their misspelt and missing words before I'd even agreed to do it. And should I mention checking client viability which means finding that his Facebook page privacy isn't screwed down and he's despairing about his job (and his company's fan page is marginally more popular than mine).

That and he asked me to "right (crayon like)" on part of it, which apart from looking aesthetically ghastly, well, I'm me, I'm always right whether crayon-like or not.

It's odd having to remember to take out the longest words from an email.

And in other news, isn't this like damming the Nile? Well, potentially.

Cool, but I'd want long-term research on the physiological impact of diminished peak flows.

And in news of other news, the Daily Mail as seen by the New Yorker, from one odd beast to another.


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