Wednesday, April 04, 2012

DSC_5751 - Falling SidewaysGeek and takedown. Yay.

Some other reads.

And is it a good sign if one's Google Plus account has "Hot on Google+" as the first three items? It's sort of like France suddenly rebranding as Le France Forté, thereby raising the possibility that they're not.

Ooh, unfortunate placement: Twitter suggests I follow two accounts. One is Alastair Campbell. The other is [something short and misogynistic, so the very worst word there is, unless you happen to be Welsh, when it becomes slightly milder than bugger]
of the Day.

And did you know that going to bed early doesn't quite work if Pride and Prejudice is next to the loo?

More thrilling insights soon.


The insightfulness of the insights IS thrilling. For some reason they make me think of marmalade. No, honest!
Which make you think of marmalade? Do any trigger Marmite?
Marmalade is my stock thought in moments of confusion. You must have experienced it. Like when somebody says think of something nice and you think of whatever you think of as nice and mine is 'foxes and ice cream'. I don't have a Marmite response to anything. I'm very fond of Marmite. Not that that is significant.
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