Tuesday, April 03, 2012

DSC_2144 - With a BSings* you ought to stop doing the Fiendish section of the Oxford spelling test thingymagig: When you spell "desiccate" as "defecate" because that's what you heard. And you can't even answer one of them because you couldn't work what they were saying (it was spiral pasta). Other comedy mishearings:
Muran = meringue
Meringue = harangue
Oenomy = bonhomie

Seriously, you're asking us to spell "bhaji" [currently red-underlined]? How many times has that entered English? How many different spellings have you seen in your life? And no, I'm not just making a fuss because I couldn't work what was being said when they said "secede".

Bugger! I had a straight run until I double-guessed myself on omniscient.

Oh, I think it's run out of words, because it's just had a round with only 5 in (or 15), and now it's repeating them.

And so eventually I get them all right in one round.

But still can't spell offishianardoh.


PS. Singing happened. She thinks we know it. I think I know it about as well as German, and I've only just [re]discovered that the word for 'you' is the word for 'she' and for 'they'.

* And isn't it ironic, don't ya think?

*yeah I really do think.
It's like rey-he-ain...
It rained early on mine, but was pleasant by the time of the ceremony. But then it wasn't a wedding, strictly speaking - and now we're back there again...
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