Friday, April 06, 2012

DSC_7608 - Some Modernisation NeededWhen I'm surveyed by the wondrous cross,
on whose tongue dreams of glory died,
my richest gains do count but loss,
she pours contempt on all my strides.

She does know how unrelentingly negative she is, doesn't she?

And in the category of AALWTFM, my ex-landlord, who booted me out, having decided I was a toothpaste thief, and who told me he had not respect for me, is now following me on Twitter.

Presumably this it what modern life is. How long can I decently leave it before I block him? Or in other words how long is his attention span, so how long will he take to forget that he followed me?

Contempt is a bugger to get out of your strides. Nothing will shift it. Best throw them away and buy some new ones. And stay away from she in the future.

Block him straight away. That's not advice, by the way - that's an order.
Alles ist simple fur Sie, n'est-ce pas?
Are you reinventing Esperanto?

I'd respectfully suggest that when it comes to (presumably) wrongful accusations of toothpaste theft, things are black and white.
Currently in Germany, except it's the bit near France and Switzerland so brain is getting bit spätzled.

I just can't be bothered to ramp up his ire again. Anyway, he'l get bored and soon bugger off. He gets bored very easily. Possibly this is why the fourth time I turned down his drunken attempt at seduction he decided I was no longer welcome.
I have trouble with toothpaste. I'm just amazed how I relate everything to myself. When I was on twitter I was followed by a minicab company and they didn't have respect for me. Whenever I write in your comments it takes on the character of your posts. It's like when you speak to somebody with a strong accent and you find yourself imitating it, and panic sets in when you realise it. Or is it like that? I'm perhaps a touch more non-sequiteurial :(
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