Sunday, May 06, 2012

I really must go to less than three city sometime.

And yes, this is quite recognisable, ignoring the lumpiness in parts.

Good read on Putin.

And guess who's been following the French election Twitter and indulging in silly conversations on Facebook?

[For the muddled, French law forbids publication of any election results before the official announcement, so #radiolondres appeared on Twitter discussing the cost of flights to The Hague and Budapest, or the weather in The Netherlands and the country that lies next to Italy, or the battle between the Rolex and the Flamby]

Also guess who got nominated yesterday to be the Social Media Nexus Synergising Coordinateur for the choir, and promptly handed 'Twitting' duty to someone with a smart phone (current results for the choir's name: No Tweets. But there is a Facebook page, with a whole one fan. Ooh, I wonder if there's a budget to buy rewards for our FB fans and prompt interaction, and as the foremost, and most recent, fan, and poster, clearly I should be monetarily congratulated).

So if anyone has any photographs, video, reviews, or anything else of the choir that isn't actually something I've done (I wouldn't want it to appear to be a one man band however much it's a one fan band), do let me know. Because, well, you're more likely to be able to find suitable materials than most of the group. And before you protest your technological illiteracy I have two words for you: "web log".


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