Friday, May 18, 2012

I would prefer this not to be true. I'm still on it, but the tumbleweeds sprouted long ago, after it became apparent the owners saw it as a free stock photography site for them and anyone willing to pay. It just became an endless round of incensed rows over inept and clumsily implemented changes, except unlike Twitter, the fury wasn't against outsiders but the very system itself.

And in other news:
- Just because, well, the world could have been very different.

- The world is more different than you can ever remember.

- The world is tempting.

I can't decide if the last is the height of suicidal folly or just fun and pretty damn awesome.

Speaking of which, on Saturday I spent the entire day surrounded by Morris dancers (I was not one). The best bit was the contrast between sides, so those in green tweed gathering beside the steampunk side (wait, run that by me again, not only are there Morris dancers with goggles on their top hats, the Morris world supports enough groups to allow and even drive such diversification?). Though by the end of the day I was suffering a surfeit of capers (and bells, and heys, both shouted and danced) and had to retreat to a toy shop for emergency Lego (ok, so I wandered in and found they label their minifig bags, thus scuppering the official potluck marketing strategy) and had come to the conclusion that the Morris Circle or whatever the archoverlordsofthedance are called really need to allow new additions to the little black book. I managed to walk away from one side dancing one dance down an alley to find another outside Waitrose doing the same dance to the same music. It was like walking having digital on at the same time as terrestrial. And it wasn't quite you've-seen-one-you've-seen-them-all just you've seen half-a-dozen and you've seen most of them.

And then Sunday was seeing my uncle's family, and I've done this.


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