Friday, May 18, 2012

Self-selecting, biased and incomplete data, but still interesting demonstration of paper of choice across the country (I'm deep in Guardian country, though that's not what the townsfolk would lead you to believe).

"Winston? Charisma? Do you think?"

[Yes, this from a tweet by Edina]

"There comes a point in your life when you realize who REALLY matters, who NEVER did, and who ALWAYS will." This is from a post that apparently is Hot on Google+ (I've already done that joke about "What's hot on Google+?" haven't I?), which is either gloriously ironic or a disturbing dabble in post-modernism, and which was by Paris Hilton.

Oh F...ortuna. It occurs to me that the youngling was probably born about the time of that song. Oh what a world it seems we live in.


Where does that quote come from? I can't find it. And why have you Tolkiened me? What have I ever done to you? How dire must that Bird and Baby have been. Even the name they contrived is sad. Can you imagine stepping inside to be faced with Lewis, Tolkien, Williams et al reading their stuff. I stepped inside not so long ago. Narrow, dark, and redolent of disappointment - the pub, not me, altho' .... Love your debutantes. What song?
Which quote? That of the Duchess of Devonshire or of Paris Hilton? The former is from the documentary above, the latter because Google Double Plus Good or whatever it is thought telling me what Paris Hilton said was a good way of making me use the service (clearly its targeting algorithms aren't yet on a par with Facebook).

Youngling is Tolkien? Oh, I thought it was rubbish New Star Wars. As for what you've done to me, well, can it be pre-emptive retaliation? Though it wasn't an attack, but simply trying to avoid calling you young and thereby implying I'm not (I am, I just have more experience of it).

The song linked. You know, that weird orange text stuff... Oh, if you must, this one:

And yes, the Madonna and Egg is just a dull cramped pub.
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