Saturday, September 29, 2012

DSC_8588 [ps] - Failed Relevancy 2.0Yeah, so my cousin, who I've just been chatting to on Twitter has bugger-all humour. Except I've seen him around his mother so I know he is able to laugh at things. I'm guessing that if by the time he gets to the fourth tweet he still hasn't realised that the first statement was not wholly serious then there's not really much point in saying that all the explaining was to do with a joke which has now been embalmed out of existence.

I was about to blame the parents when I remembered who they are (the more related one takes a while to realise that the slightly odd thing that was just said might not have been completely straight, but does go into that mode when he remembers it exists. The less related one is American).

But then if he weren't so unaware of other meanings perhaps he'd never post something like the following: Actually quite sore from last night #Manhunt

And no, I don't know if he is (blasted modern youth allowing people the freedom to give potential signs which might not be).


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