Monday, December 10, 2012


See also waiting for inspiration.

So snow then (snow then *cigar waggle*?).

It's not very interesting. It's mostly gone. The delivery they didn't make when I was in yesterday hasn't come today. I need to go into town to get a form to sort out something that the bureaucracy doesn't admit happens (and we're not even talking about the ones who lose things so don't pay anything, then only admit it's missing several months later. If they lose this copy I'll not be impressed), and which I really ought to have sorted out before Austria-et-al.

Oh, yes, that. A friend, who's so long standing he must have a blogname [Omega? I think], offered once more his farsided hospitality (because it's only been something like eight-years since he first offered), and the only thing better to do I have for Janfeb (those wonderful d months: dismal, damp, dreary, draining, despondent, demoralising, drudge) is it sit in Tweetonshire watching the sleet and regularly asking "am I nearly better yet?".

And I've recently discovered that Peach Beach (really it should be Peach Stream, except that should be Peach Stone Vessel Or Large Portable Hot Water Unit, except that has to bend the rules, and anyway alliteration) has penguins. How this is not the best known fact about Et-alia, I don't know.

So I sort of said yes. And then I got an email informing me of my baggage allowance. So that solves that then (the BroSIL said they'd help, because they didn't like the idea of accepting someone else's generosity, although they're mid-move and the SIL just wrote their car off by going round a corner at 20 [onto a large puddle, thence bank with big rocks, thus grating the bottom of the car, but the other side of the road is a bank with big rocks going down into the river, so lesser off two weevils (whose joke was that?)].

So now it's a lot of wondering what I'm going to do with my time there. And a lot of finding answers and wondering how I'll fit it all in. And a lot of wondering at which point I'll break. Though Tamsin Indiana looks cool (Google seems to show land that no one's ever bothered changing; no roads, no buildings, no clearing, just natural processes beautifully illustrated).

Oh yeah, helps if I post.


There's no point in coding the name of the place you're off to when you mentioned it uncoded two posts ago.

In my head of no small littleness I made you go by telling you to. This pleases me.

I'm also pleased merely on account of you accepting the invitation (I'm not completely selfish). Presumably this is not something you'd have countenanced a while back, and can thus be taken as an(other?) indicator of progress.

I don't much go in for hugs, but it seems appropriate to mention them.
Oh, yes, but it was mentioned a long time ago and that's the same as not mentioning it.

Anyway, if everything I did was consistent then you'd know I was really working for the FSB and that it was all fake.

And, yes, of course it was your order that made me do it (that and the commands of pretty much everyone I'd mentioned it to, that and penguins).

You don't hug? You'll learn. Life is so much nicer with them and when you're free to have and give them.
The Federation of Small Businesses?

I have this theory that there's something about the colour combination that makes people have a particular affection for black and white animals: penguins, pandas, badgers, dalmation dogs. Yes I know it falls down with skunks.

Oh I do hug. I just don't throw them around like confetti.
Killer Whales. I forgot to include Killer Whales.
Dalmatians are weird. And penguins would be cool were they pink (though they'd be a lot more dead as they'd stop roughly echoing the sea when swimming [from above they look dark, from below light]).

You forgot lemurs, assorted insects and adders.
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