Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DSC_3890 [psp turq] - Snakes in LaddersFinally got round to installing one of them proximity app things. Flicking through. Dull, dull, ok, hmm, maybe, maybe not, cute, dull, dull, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

I know there's the quirk of art that meant men could be sculptured in loving, form-hugging detail if they're heroically vanquishing a monster, but we don't need to have that pretext to have rippling toplessness now, so why then would anyone think it would be a good thing to show, as their alluring profile picture, them cavorting with a python?

And while trying to find an image to illustrate this it turns out that, um, I really don't like snakes, hence don't have any pictures of anything vaguely related.

In other news someone in the next town over has my shirt.


PS. Oh, and why did I download that app? Just to check I'm not the only one in existence [round here]. If there's hope even here then I ought to be able to remember that there's hope elsewhere.

PPS. Are you sitting comfortably? Are you alone? Please record your reactions in the comments.

So out of ten, one 'ok' one 'maybe' and one 'cute'. A thirty per cent rate of possibles doesn't sound so bad.

If one of them has your shirt, doesn't that make you the topless one?

How dare you expose my innocent eyes to that octoshot.
Oh you mean I'm meant to add a photograph of myself? Wouldn't that mean setting up a profile? I meant it when I said it was simply checking for background levels.

Octoshoot. Because it's funny. Because you can't actually see anything, only what you imagine you're seeing, so what innocence have you lost. Because I know someone who's scared of octopuses but don't quite dare post on their Facebook.

Turns out this didn't post.
*Tries again*
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