Wednesday, June 12, 2013

These links are from a while ago, so mostly when I was in Australia.

I want to say how did I never notice that Carraway was that way, except it took me a while to figure that out as for someone about whom I've considered far more words.

I saved this to blog about, but I think you can probably guess my reactions.

Oh, and I've seen the below in situ now. Unfortunately there wasn't a live demonstration from Mr Brace-Yourself.

And this is, well, unrelated. Someone's a fan of Lynch.

Whereas this series, Hysterical Literature, are surprisingly sweet and oddly beguiling (and quite quick; are such things normally that quick?).

And now for some slightly less hysterical literature, with a fascinating (and long) look at banking. It's well worth reading. As is So That If I Died It Mattered.

While on next-to-maudlin some people really don't understand the power of images (and some do).

And now for something that amuses me.


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