Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Mornington CrescentWhy does it not surprise me that the guy who writes City Comforts also listens to Radio 4? And how long will it be before the words "Mornington" and "Crescent" appear in his blog?

And on the other end of the scale (note I've carefully not said which scale), and because I am recip-addicted link-whore, I've also added WS to sidebar. Right up there next to unfortunately moribund Southern Cross. Can you tell I like juxtaposition?
[Well, I will have done once Blogger stops playing silly buggers].

Oh, and hands up if you think Flickr is addictive.

By the way, for UK people, Channel Four are apparently going to show a follow up to Jump London on Thursday at 10 pm. Thank you whoever reminded me by searching for parkouristes free running video. [Short burst of swearing at Blogger and its American date settings, which means I have a hard job finding the relevant post]. Er... permission to continue this another time as Blogger now claims this page does not exist, so well done you for reading this.


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