Monday, June 06, 2005

IKB - International Klein Blue[Trying to appear nonchalant whistling, ignoring the fact I can't do one, and I'm probably not good at the other]

You know that music meme thing? The one Buzz decreed I should do? The one I passed on to LondonDan and Ryan? The one I thought neither had responded to? (Ok, Dan manana-manana'd it, and Ryan's visits here have a lunar quality). Well, it turns out I haven't been doing my homework (but at least it's not just me).

But what makes this really embarrassing is the fact I linked to Ryan's response months ago. Not that I'm suggesting I have the memory of one of those whaddyacallits - orange, lives in water, has a mouth which opens and these sticky out bits - but you'd think I might have remembered, wouldn't you?

And still I've only heard of the Pet Shop Boys and Elgar from Ryan's list, although I heartily agree (can I ever heartily do anything?) with Sin's choice of Aqualung (but some I liked his stuff when he was in Ruth/The 45s).

Do you think he likes being called Buzz? It's unoriginal, but I get lost with his constantly shifting syllables and capitalisation (and I can never remember which I've used). Anyway, there are worse by-products of names.

Completely randomly (via the stats), I've just found out that Kubb are going to be on Later with Jools Holland this Friday. Kubb, in case you don't remember, are formed of former members of both Reef and Rootjoose.

Oooh, I've just found out someone commented on that and yet I never knew about it. Usually Blogger emails me, but obviously it decided not to for some reason. So if you've commented and I've ignored you, then sorry, but I don't normally check the site because it mucks up the stats (well, it very accurately tells me that someone from X ISP visited this site 93 times on Saturday, but that doesn't help me know who came and why they did).

I've also just managed to turn on the television while the BBC are doing their Spring Watch thing. They've just had a very informative piece demonstrating bird song. Most of which I couldn't make out against the cacophony from outside. And I thought London excelled in background noise.

Going back to Buzz, and he recently posted a link (cribbed from elsewhere) to a test designed to demonstrate the male or female-ness of a brain (autism being suggested as an example of an extremely male brain). I got 27 for my Empathy Quotient, which I think puts me safely in the sod-off zone (maybe ticking slightly disagree for every answer wasn't the best plan). I got 36 for the Systematising Quotient, which means I've never bothered putting my CDs in any order. Maybe taking tests when I'm tired and dehydrated isn't a good idea.

Combining their scores, and it would appear I'm borderline extreme male. Which probably sums me up - I can't even be bothered to have full-blown Asperger's (anyone else suddenly thinking of the boss in Stressed Eric?).

While on silly internet tests, I also did the BBC one which ties in with one of its art programmes (which I watched in part). It blithely informs me that Your favourite type of art is Abstract. Of the images it presented, yes. Generally, not necessarily. It's easier to like or dislike abstract art, as any attempt at representational art is always prone to rapid criticism.

It then moves on to: In the personality profile you had a high intellectualism score, which suggests you like to think about abstract ideas and have a creative imagination [Yay me]. People who are the same age and sex as you are most likely to prefer Impressionism. People who also score highly in your dominant personality trait are most likely to prefer Japanese ukiyo-e.

Which is one of saying I'm not normal. And yet...
More about your personality test results:
Average extraversion
Average agreeableness
Average conscientiousness
Average emotional stability
High intellectualism
Average emotional intelligence
Does rather imply I'm pretty average. Maybe that's what I get for sticking to 2-4 in a range of 1-5.

But enough of the tests.


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