Saturday, February 11, 2006

Greece 5 600 - 16Things I like:
- BBC News streaming broadcasts, so I can get to loathe Natasha Kaplinsky at the same time as the rest of the nation, and then get confused by the interlude music which comes up if you try access the 1, 6 or 10 O'Clock news programmes too late (or a bit too soon).

You can even watch BBC London News live as well, although you have to go to the BBC London site, and load the stream, which owns in Real Player rather than the embedded RP in the BBC News Player (which when the mid-news trailers for it appear in the main programme...). It is of course lower res than the main feature, as befits its "Call us now" to get onto some very dull radio talkshow (does BBC Radio London or whatever they call it do anything else?) status.

- "logined"
As seen on dodgy Russian/Ukrainian/AVG-tripping sites.

- The German Coastguard.

- Azuric, for mentioning stuff about the Go! Team (if you remember Nerdz [probably highly carcinogenic sweets], the band are like the aural equivalent), which lead to me discovering they have a track called "Junior Kickstart", which brought back all sorts of childhood memories (and I'll carefully not consider why a television programme features so heavily in them). Anyway, for those who missed Kickstart, it was a programme about people, mostly male teenagers, carving up bits of hills and occasionally falling off a log. It was very good.

Stuff I don't like:
- Butter in Morrisson's being 13 pence cheaper than Sainsbury's, but the offer on bacon being far better in Sainsbury's (and only finding this out after buying bacon in M's).
- The fact the only non-smoked bacon Morrisson's sell are slightly manky things called collars. As far as I'm concerned bacon comes in two forms: back and streaky. One's for bacon sandwiches, the other's for panhagglety and turkeys (and making those little rolls were you have to scrap it out over a board beforehand). But having just used some, you can't tell it's smoked. You can't even tell it's bacon. Another reason to hate Morrisson's.

Stuff I'm not sure about yet and am just using this "stuff" formula as a premise to include it in this post:
- My support of the Danes. Also known as I bought some more butter, and following on from an earlier comment, I can now reveal that while the halal status of Lurpack Spreadable is still unknown, the packaging does say it is kosher.

- The way half of In Actual Fact's sidebar appears to be converging on London (except for those who overshoot), along with the postcard winner himself. So if the postcard winner is coming to collect it in person (as he still hasn't given me his address, although I've just figured out that's because the only name and contact details he has for me are Blogger based, which might explain the reticence (or it might not). Sorry, I assumed if Dan knew then everyone knew (that'll be those maternal logic genes kicking in). Anyway, he knows where I used to live).


"(if you remember Nerdz [probably highly carcinogenic sweets], the band are like the aural equivalent)"

Hehehe, so true!
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