Thursday, March 16, 2006

2006-01-14 016Could someone with a television tell me what BBC London has been up to? As my stats have suddenly been filled with about 75% BBC London related searches (and not all have been from BBC computers), such as these from the past couple of days:
Matt Barbet
Matt Barbet BBC's Decay Finder General: You could soon be asking your dentist to fill your wrinkles as well as your teeth.
Matt Barbet drug Yes, new Aryan Presenter Pills will turn you into everyone's favourite newsreader (after George Alagiah, Moira Stuart, Sophie Raworth, John Craven, Anna Ford and so forth, but still definitely above Natasha Kaplinsky).
Matt Barbet drugs small kitten.
matt barbet smell Born with anosmia...
Matt Barbet sweat Now available in bottle form as well as the traditional used jockstrap.
Matt Barbet hot This to do with the sweat thing, or the other sense? Even nostrils aren't everything you know.
matt barbet rimmer No, he did not play Rimmer. You're thinking of Chris Barrie.
who is BBC London Matt Barbet I think you've said it all really.
who is matt barbet from the bbc Weren't you just here?
Matt BBC LDN Is that like Charlie Busted?
Emily Maitlis
Emily Maitless Need Mait? Call free today on...
Emily Mateless She is, or should she?
Emily Maitlis SMOKe Don't KNOw but her skin looks like she does.
does emily maitlis smoke? Only when rubbed rapidly.
Emily Maitlis drunk Was? Is? Would like to be?
Emily Maitlis "drunk" Because if you put it in quotes, it's not libel, right?
Emily Maitlis drunk westend dry.
Emily Maitlis drunk West End Final.
Emily Maitlis song I'm guessing something a bit like this.
Emily Maitlis fake Not the real Emily Maitlis? Who is Emily Maitlis? (cue all the unemployed extras from Spartacus...).
And the completely bewildering:
bbc scott mills deed poll Because Trego didn't sound cool enough.

Could it just be the Googledance kicking in? Because as per usual with Google, I don't seem to be listed in most of the selections, even though I must have been.


Where did your vendetta against the Barbet spring from? Why do you hate him so much?

WV:moptox - they're running out of ideas.
Oh, and by the way, Scott Mills - BBC Radio1 DJ, although i have no idea what deed poll is all about.
Could Google it, but I guess we'd just end up where we started.

Vendetta: what gave you that idea? I don't hate him (so much). If you really want to know, Google him and scroll down a bit.

Half the comments are just possible continuations from the search terms, or things which are likely to follow.

Scott Mills: I'm not that old!
Trego Mills is somewhere near Exeter, which I think is a trading estate, or retail park, or some such thing, only no one I know has ever found it, despite the heavy advertising on local radio in Devon. It also happens to sound like it ought to be the pre-DJ name of Scott Mills.
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